Stunning week end for the Baby Race driver. Big mistake in qualy and then amazing comebacks during the races.

Since some weeks Luca Bosco is astonishing the karting audience trough his racing performances and his incredible determination. After a very brave week end at Castelletto where he was racing with a broken rib, at La Conca he was even braver scoring amazing results after a totally missed qualifying session due to a spin. Immediately fast during the FP sessions, the italian Baby race driver was really focus to confirm his performances during the qualifying session but he made a mistake, during the first lap of the session, spinning out of the track. Despite of this heavy handicap which forced him to start each heats from the back of the grid, Bosco pushed himself beyond the limit thanks to the support of his mechanic and coach Alessandro Manetti. Showing a very strong attitude, Bosco ended the three heats in 7th, 9th and 6th positions after some incredible comebacks. A combined result of massive determination and awareness in his own ability supported by the best technical help from the Baby Race team. Thanks to this amazing results Bosco started the Pre Final from the 3rd row ending in 7th position after another consistent race. In the Final, starting from the 7th row, Bosco was really looking forward a TOP 10 spot but just after the start was forced to retire due to an accident.

Luca Bosco: It has been a very hard week end. The track was so technical and demaning for the body and my mistake in qualy forced me to push in the heats over the limit. I really need to thank the whole Baby Race team and even more my mechanic and coach Alessandro Manetti, who was able to convince me to not give up when I was so angry with myself after my mistake. It’s a pity for the Final becuse we would have been scored a great result.”

Now a very short resting time for Bosco before going  back on track for the upcoming Trofeo Margutti which will take place next week end at South Garda Karting – Lonato (BS).