One of the names of KZ2 until last year like Luca Bosco, is ready for the next step of his career with GT4 cars.

Until last season it was practically taken for granted to find Luca Bosco on the KZ2 entrylist with Charles Leclerc’s colours. A career in the top series started early for Bosco, driven by the desire to compete and become an official driver. The most important results, as known, brought Bosco to the top levels of the Superfinal Rok Shifter with the overall triumph in 2019, repeating the Junior title in 2017 and more.

In 2020 he faced a year of transition and subsequently growth by changing supply and competing in the FIA season, a path that now proved more important than ever. Coming back from the official pre-season tests of the European GT4 at Paul Ricard, Bosco immediately showed off his consistency and lap times aboard a car so similar and so different from a KZ2 as Bosco himself explains, confirming the eternal thesis according to which karting forms the driver and then opens up different possibilities.

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