Luca Bosco has got a maiden victory in the International Final ROK Cup 2017 at Lonato kartdrome, at the end of a stunning week end in which he has been the quickest in the Junior ROK category (almost 100 drivers). His goal for this Vortex main event of the season was definately the overall victory and his incredible concentration and determination stepped him directly on the top spot of the podium. 3rd in the last year Mini ROK International Final and 2nd this year in the Italian one, Bosco came on track with just on target in his mind: the Junior ROK International title. After a perfect qualifying session in which he has got the second best lap in his session (5th overall) with the time of 47”723, Bosco ruled all the heats scoring 4 times the 1st spot and once the 2nd after some extremely intense races. Having collected this amazing results, Bosco started the Final from the leading position with 34 top drivers behind him. When the green lights turned off he was able to keep immeditely the pace trying to move away from Sabella e Caglioni: for the entire race Bosco kept a very quick pace and none of the competitors behind him were able to try a move on him. Fully focus until the chequered flag Bosco grabbed the ROK Cup International title after a very consistent race keeping all the others drivers behind him. On top of this amazing result the incredible job made by Alessandro Manetti, the Baby Race team and the motorist Mauro Villa: a very skilled and professional technical crew who has played a key role on the improvements of the italian driver during this season.

Luca Bosco: I’am in heaven right now. I cared a lot about this race and after the victory in the Trofeo d’Autunno, I knew that I would have become the International ROK Cup champion. To have won against almost 100 top drivers sounds now really amazing and I will never thanks enough Alessandro Manetti, who helped me all the season to grow up mentally, phisically and technically, Sandro Lorandi and the whole Baby Race team and Mauro Villa who gave us a top performing engine.”

The Luca Bosco 2017 racing season it will keep going at the end of October with the Trofeo dell’Industrie which will take place at Lonato from 27 to 29 of October.