Great performance in the Vortex series with a missed Final due to a rule misunderstaning.

The first ROK Cup race saw Bosco as one of the quickest drivers in the Junior ROK category. Very fast from the free practice session, Bosco scored an incredible 3rd place during qualifying but there was bad luck to come later. In the Pre Final Bosco had to go off track straight after the start in order to avoid a driver who spun in the middle of the track: this move put him back in the field and forced him to stage an incredibile comeback.  Lap by lap Bosco overtook many of his fellow competitors, ending the race in 10th position overall. Despite this amazing performance, Bosco took a black flag at the end of the race because he didn’t stop after the Clerk of the Course had shown him the black-orange flag. At the start of the race, a part of the rear bumper of his kart was knocked down, but unfortunately the marshalls only waved  the black-orange flag at him when there was two remaining. Knowing he only had three laps to stop after the exposure of the flag, Bosco ended the race anyway, discovering he had been disqualified in the last lap. In the WSK and CIK FIA races the driver has three laps to stop after he has taken the black-orange flag but in the ROK Cup the driver must stop immediately.  Nobody in the team knew this (partly due to no briefing for the drivers on the week end!!) and Bosco didn’t attend the Final because of this this penalty. A huge shame for him who would have been able to fight for the podium until the very end such was his pace at the weekend.

Luca Bosco: I am disappointend. The little accident at the start  of the Pre Final has ruined my race and this misunderstandment for the flag has definetely kicked me off the race. Anyway we shown we are always fast and the next race we’ll take our revenge. ”

Next race for him will be the 20-21th of May in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) where Round 6 of the ROK Cup Italy will take place.