Even if the engines are already turned off, the 2016 Luca Bosco racing season is still going on. Meanwhile he is focused on the first training sessions on track with the new OKJ category, the italian driver is now ready to attend an important charity event held by Fondation Cedric & Chrisophe Flaujac. The event, which the target is a found-rising for the athlets supported by the Fondation, will take place the 15th December (6:30pm) at the Brasserie de Monaco in the Principality of Monaco. Bosco, one of the athlets supported by the Fondation, feels very proud to promote the Fondation activity all around the world and to have been able to get stunning achievements as the podium in the ROK Cup International  Final in Lonato.

Luca Bosco: “I was waiting so much this event. I feel very linked to the Fondation Flaujac which has trusted on me since the beginning of my racing career. Alla round the world there are so few persons and institutions who invest or support the athlets and i’am honoured to be one of them. A big thank you to all of them for the fondamental support i’ve recieved so far and i really wish to share with them in the future many more successes.“