After announcing he is aiming for the GT3 championship, Luca Bosco chose to dedicate the months that separate him from the next season to intense training aimed at maximizing his driving precision. 

The meeting with Paperpixels in Misano on the occasion of his latest race in the GT4 championship marked the beginning of a collaboration capable of rewriting the rules of automotive training. The collaboration between Luca and Nicola Cocchi, sim racer and creator of the Megasim Viper, aims at the continuous implementation of the simulation system and, of course, the driver’s skills. 

After a long journey from Italy, the Viper made its entrance yesterday at Luca’s house and is now installed and programmed on his training needs. 

Nicola Cocchi“Thanks to a movement system regulated down to the smallest detail, Luca will be able to keep in training even off the track, testing and improving his psychophysical endurance and psychomotor reflexes”. 

Luca Bosco “After testing the simulator at Misano, I realized it was the perfect system for my training for the next championship. The movement and the driving variables are extremely realistic and having it at home will give me the opportunity to train with the continuity that every driver desires. It’s amazing”.