He retires from the GT4 championship for a in-depth work with Mudra and Paperpixels.

What makes a driver truly capable of achieving champion status is his constant striving for higher goals. The encounter with Mudra in Misano and the potential of the partnership with Paperpixels raised the aspiration of Luca Bosco, who is now aiming to access the GT3 category.

These are precisely the reasons that led him to decide to leave the GT4 championship. To achieve the greatest possible benefit, Luca decided to focus on his training, to achieve even higher results and to prepare himself, mentally and physically, for a new level of competition.

Mudra played an important role in his decision. In fact, the partnership with the interaction field, will be an important support for Luca in the next championship, but also in his preparation, to enhance his human and driver skills through specialized coaches and the Viper system for the professional training of drivers; a new and complete approach to the training for such a young talent.

Luca Bosco “I don’t feel I gave up on a chance. On the contrary, I am convinced that the real champions are those who know when to stop to restart with greater precision and focus on the goal. My goal is to qualify for GT3. How could I achieve it if not working on my technique?”

Mudra “We chose to invest in a young talent, we are amazed and incredulous to see so much clarity in such a young driver. For us, that’s one more reason to support him. “