Disappointment and bitterness for the last week end missed victory at Adria Karting Raceway are just gone away and now the Baby Race driver Luca Bosco is ready to come back on track to take his revenge against the bad luck. Extremely quick during the whole week end and really close to catch the OKJ overall victory, the italian driver had later to retire for a technical failure which has kicked him off a podium he really deserved. Despite of this unlucky episode, Bosco believes even more in himself and starts this second round of the WSK Final Cup with just one target to achieve: the victory.

Alongside him Bosco will find as usual his coach Alessandro Manetti who has supported the young talent in the best way possible during the all season giving him some very precious driving tips and setting perfectly his Tony Kart chassis. This time too Bosco will have to manage a long list of competitors in the OKJ category but his braveness and maturity will push him bejond the limit directly towards the first step of the podium.

Luca Bosco: I’m so happy to come back for racing this week end. The unlucky episode of last week end is now gone and my goal is just to win. I am gonna fight against a lot of very professional drivers but we have shown to be able to beat everyone so maximum respect for them but no fear at all. I really would like to end the season with a victory.”

The official program will start today with the free practice sessions going ahead tomorrow with one more free practice, qualifying and the first heats. On Sunday the event will end with the warm up, the last heats, the Pre Final and the Final. The usual appointment on video is guaranteed from Adria by the live streaming provided by WSK Promotion on Sunday 12th November. The whole final phase of the event will be available on the official website www.wsk.it