The Baby Race driver suffered too many hits and a track “hated” by most of the drivers.

Bosco has just handled one of the most challenging racing week end in his career. The 2nd Round of the CIK FIA European Championship was indeed an authetic disaster due to the layout of the Oviedo’s track, too plenty of tight chicanes with a lot of  kerb which have autentically destroyed both drivers and karts. Most of the drivers and team principals have complained a lot during the week end about the choice to race in such kind of track, owned by the Formula 1 Mclaren driver Fernando Alonso. Despite this awful driving conditions and some problems with his rib injured in Sarno, Bosco has fought as a real fighter during the whole week end since the very firts free practice sessions. During the qualifying session Bosco scored the 10th (despite of a damaged axle) starting for the firts heat from the 5th row (9th). Unfortunately a contact between him, Michelotto and Stanek kicked him off from the race too soon. In the next heats Bosco was able to score 9th, 7th and to get a penalty which didn’t allow him to attend a deserved Final. A very disappointing result for the italian driver who has show anyway to have the potential to end the Final in the TOP 10.

Luca Bosco: This track was really too demanding for the drivers and karts. We have collected a lot of damages in our karts replacing a lot of parts during the whole  week end. Too many drivers has suffered pain in their rimbs due to the kerbs and I was also too unlucky to have been hitted by some drivers during the heats.  It’s a pity because we had the pace to join the Final, anyway next time will be certanly better.”

Bosco is now ready for a couple of weeks of rest after many months of hard training on track. His target is now to be perfectly in a good shape for the next race which will be the Round 3 of the CIK FIA European Championship in Le Mans (F).