The Baby Race young driver announced as one of the main protagonist in the 3rd Round of the WSK series.

The 2016 Luca Bosco’s racing season never stops and this week end the italian racing driver will attend the 3rd and last round of the KRS Open Series By WSK promotion at Siena track. In this particular moment of the season Bosco has shown his perfect feeling with the Baby Race technical staff and has improved a lot his driving skills. For this last round of the KRS, his target is still to score the first podium of the season in the Mini 60 category after his great result scored, few weeks ago, in Castelletto di Branduzzo. To be perfectly on shape for this last rece before holidays stop, Bosco has intesified his phisical training to be perfectly fitted to handle the track’s heat which will make this specific racing week end even more intense then ever this season.

Luca Bosco: “After the great result scored in Castelletto i am really looking forward to this last round fo the KRS. On track will be very hot and the Mini 60’s heats will be even more tough then usual. To be perfectly fitted for this event i trained a lot more last days and now i really would like to go on holidays with a podium in my season’s personal score.