Luca Bosco comes back from Adria having collected a new double podium in the OKJ category, after a very tough racing week end. The Round 4 of the Italian Karting Championship, along the Adria Karting Racetrack, has shown a very quick and consistent Bosco since the free practice sessions in which the italian driver setted the best lap overall followed later by the 2nd best lap during the qualifying session. After these great achievements Bosco started the two heats with a strong attitude ending 2nd the firts one and leading the second until Fusco hitted him (during the very last lap), pulling him back to the third final position. In Race 1 Bosco started from the second row (3rd) but immeditaley dropped back in 8th after some fights in the very first part of the race. Thanks to a very quick pace, he cameback quickly, lap by lap, catching the third step of the podium. In Race 2 Bosco started from the 6th spot, due to the reverse grid (the first 8 Race 1 positions), but very soon he was able to catch the second place behind the leader Brizhan. Very quick Bosco was not able to close the gap with the leader but he created create a consistent gap between him and the others ending the race in 2nd position overall. Unfortunately for him after the race Bosco got a 10” seconds penalty which dropped him back to the 6th final position. Thanks to these results Bosco keeps the second position in the overall OKJ standing, 17 points behind the leader Brizhan.

Luca Bosco: The Race 2 penalty and Fusco behavior ruined totally my week end results. We missed the victory but we have anyway collected a lot of points and we are still fighting for the championship. We are gonna have a very great heat in Siena and I really want to win the series. Thank so much to Manetti who was, as usual, perfect.”

The next race for Bosco will come in two weeks during the last round of the CIK FIA European Championship which will take place along the swedish track of Kristianstad (S).