The italian driver finally got the Final heat in the last events of the WSK Super Master Series .
The final of the WSK Super Master Series has been an outstanding celebration of motorsport. The event, hosted by the circuit of Adria (Rovigo, Italy), has been a big day for international karting with more the 200 participants who exploit their talent to the edge. The taste about how great was the feeling of this amazing event, has come from the presence of the stars of motorsport as the GP2’s italian driver Giovinazzi end the motorbike australian hero Mick Doohan. In this magnificent enviroment the italian karting driver Luca Bosco (Team Baby Race) has finally got the Final in the hyper-competitive Mini 60 category. With more then 70 drivers in the entry list Bosco was one of the fastest driver the whole week end making a big step ahead in his performance. Since the free practice sessions Luca Bosco has set a very good pace with quicker chrono laps which stepped him most of the times in the TOP 10. In the qualifying the italian driver set the 15th best lap with only 4 tenths behind the pole sitter Ugochukwu.  In the qualifying heats Bosco was even more quick finishing two times on 7th position and two times on 9th. These results were fondametal for him to start from a good position of the Pre Final grid. Started 7th Bosco was able to keep the pace and to take the chequered flag in the same position, joining for the first of the season the Final. In the very last heat of the week end Bosco started very well but soon was hitted by his team mate Kattoulas loosing 7 positions. This unlucky event compromised the possibilty to finish in the TOP 10 and Luca ended the final, anyway, in a very good 17th position overall. A big improuvement for the italian driver in this Finale of the WSK Super Master Series which makes him confident for the rest of the season.

Luca Bosco: “I am so happy to have got the Final here in Adria. I was quick the whole week end and i have to say a big thank you to all my team for the big efforts they made it for me. It was a shame to be touched by my team mate in the Final, but now i know which is the right way to end in the TOP 10. Next time will be even better!!!”

Luca Bosco will be again on track the next week end in Sarno (NA) to attend the second events of the Italian karting championship.