Awsome week end for the Baby Race driver in Lonato during the gran finale of the Vortex series.

More the 400 drivers, 170 drivers just in the Mini ROK category. These are the monstre numbers of the International Final ROK Cup held at South Garda racetrack in Lonato (BS) this week end. Luca Bosco was, since the beginning, one of the drivers aiming for the title having improved a lot his pace in the second part of the 2016 season. The Baby Race driver didn’t disappoint the expectations, becoming immediately the protagonist of a perfect week end. The whole event Bosco was able to be on the edge of each sessions, starting from qualy in which he scored the second best lap in his group. After that he was even quicker during the heats when he scored twice the victory and twice the 3rd position. According to this results, Bosco started in the Final from the third row on the starting grid (5th position). When the red lights turned off Bosco was immediately able to keep the pace of the top drivers in front of him, gaining the third position, kept later for some laps. Just at the very end of the race he lost the third position but after the race the stewards brought him back the third step of the podium penalyzing Small for a rude contact on track. With this amazing international result Bosco is gonna close the season with a big step forward since the very beginning, having shown a great improvement sportingwise and a great maturity.
Luca Bosco: “I am so crazy of joy for this podium. Me, Christian Fossati, Roberto Toninelli and Sandro Lorandi worked so hard the whole week end to achieve this result. A massive thank you to my sponsor Storia and to my family to have supported me along the season, especially in the tough moments. Really thank you everyone!!! Now is time to look forward fro the next season.”