In Triscina, a big hit in Race 2 excluded the Baby Race driver from the podium’s fight.

Luca Bosco came back from Triscina, fourth event of the Italian Karting Championship calendar, with a worse result compared to his own initial expectations. Unfortunately his weekend was, once again, compromised by a big hit recieved by another driver during Race 2, which kept him far from the three steps of the podium. The final result was even more disappointing cosidering that, until that bad episode, Bosco was almost always one of the quickest driver on track. Since the free practices, the italian driver was always very competitive in the Mini 60 category scoring 3rd, 6th twice and 9th in the whole sessions. During the qualy session Bosco was even quicker being able to set the 9th best lap which have given to him to start from the 5th row in Race 1. In the first race Bosco was able to manage this position til the chequered flag finishing 10th overall and in Race 2 he was stronger the never starting perfectly from the 5th row and catching the 3rd position in the very first laps. When he was really near to finish the race on podium he was attacked hardly by another driver and the consequent hit putted him back in the field. It was a big shame for this episode, because without that Bosco would have scored for sure his first podium of the season in the tough Mini 60 category.

Luca Bosco: “It was a good weekend through to the speed. At the end we scored important points that allowed me to earn some positions in the championship. Without the hit i am pretty sure i would be on the podium but, anyway, now i will do my best in Val Vibrata to close the series in the best way“.

After the Sicilian racing weekend, Bosco is gonna prepare himself for two most important weekend of the season: the final round of the Italian Championship in Val Vibrata (October 16th) and the ROK International Final (October 22th) in Lonato (BS).